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Chase Engineering is a Fire Protection Engineering Consulting Firm owned and operated by Matt Chase, P.E., located in the Burlington, Vermont area. Matt is a licensed Professional Fire Protection Engineer with a Master's Degree in Fire Protection Engineering.

Chase Engineering is committed to providing expertise in the area of Fire Protection and Life Safety Design. Our goal is to provide our clients with the highest level of fire safety in the appropriate fire protection design. The company's experience with a broad range of building occupancies and special hazards enables Chase Engineering to produce specialized designs to meet the specific needs of each facility.

Matt Chase is a licensed professional competent to develop designs, review designs, consult and make recommendation on a wide variety of Fire Protection issues. Fire Protection issues include: protection of life from fire, protection of property from fire and compliance with local, state and federal building codes. Chase Engineering is best qualified to address these issues because of our specialized education, training, experience and licensure which enables us to view fire protection systems in an overall design context to provide an integrated Fire Protection solution.

Services provided by Chase Engineering include;

Automatic Sprinkler System Design

Life Safety Code Consulting

Fire Protection System Design Review

Engineered Life Safety Studies

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