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Automatic Sprinkler System Design | Life Safety Code Consulting | Fire Protection System Design Review | Engineered Life Safety Studies

Automatic Sprinkler System Design

Chase Engineering provides complete design of automatic sprinkler systems for buildings and facilities. Our design experience includes new construction and retrofit systems for existing buildings. We are familiar with occupancy types including single-family homes, multi-unit residential buildings, high rise office buildings, hospital buildings, restaurants, automobile showrooms and service shops, recycle facilities, warehouse storage buildings, freezer storage buildings and aircraft hangars. These designs include detailed drawings produced with AUTO-CAD to provide a completely coordinated system layout that will avoid conflict with other trades.

The hydraulic calculations are provided using a hydraulic calculation software package to produce accurate and detailed calculation submittals. The automatic sprinkler system design submittal will be signed by a registered professional engineer and marked with his official seal as required for the permitting process.

Chase Engineering has been involved in the automatic sprinkler system design of numerous local facilities including remodeling of clean room and open office spaces at IBM, several multi-unit residential buildings including Jeffersonville Senior Living and many retail stores including Essex Outlet Cinema.
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Life Safety Code Consulting

The life safety code consulting consists of egress calculations for the building and code review. The egress calculations include occupant load calculations, egress capacity of exits, and travel distances. A complete review of the facility's compliance with the Life Safety Code and any applicable building codes can be provided. The life safety system design submittals include AUTO-CAD drawings graphically indicating the egress calculations and a written report of the Life Safety Code requirements and recommendations for improvements to the facility's life safety design. Project experience includes multiplex movie theaters, shopping malls and high rise residential buildings.
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Fire Protection System Design Review

Chase Engineering also provides design reviews for automatic sprinkler system designs, fire alarm system designs and life safety system designs. These design reviews are comprehensive reviews of all building code and standard requirements applicable to the fire and life safety of the facility. A completed report will indicate all applicable requirements and any deficiencies found in the design. Recommended improvements will be provided if needed. Project experience includes several federal courthouses, office buildings and the Center for Disease Control in Atlanta, GA.
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Engineered Life Safety Studies

Engineered life safety plans provided by Chase Engineering meet the requirement from NFPA 101 as an alternative to retrofit of existing high-rise apartment buildings with automatic sprinkler protection throughout the building. These plans include a thorough review of existing fire protection features and any existing deficiencies. Each deficiency is addressed with recommendations of how to meet the code requirements. Existing building features such as fire walls and barriers, fire detection, low surface combustibility, building services, etc. are reviewed and incorporated into an overall life safety system plan to be presented to the local building officials for acceptance as an alternative to automatic sprinkler protection. Project experience includes numerous high-rise apartment buildings and condominiums in Miami, Florida.
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